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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) supplies electricity  to an electric vehicle (EV). Commonly called charging stations or charging docks, they provide electric power to the vehicle and use that to recharge the vehicle's batteries. EVSE systems include the electrical conductors, related equipment, software, and communications protocols that deliver energy efficiently and safely to the vehicle. Charging Equipment The function of the  charging equipment  is to transmit the burden materials through the locks in the furnace to desired locations on the burden surface in the throat. For many years, the two-bell charging system with movable armor was the only proper charging equipment but nowadays the bell-less rotating chute is dominating. The advantages of the bell-less top is the more accurate filling of the furnace and better gas tightness with higher top pressures. The stock level is measured either with a mechanical stock rod or with a radar.

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Solar PV Entrepreneurship This program path is perfect for an individual who is seeking to start their own solar business or seeking a sales or product representative position in the solar industry. A solid focus on the technical, economic, and financial aspects of the solar industry are covered in this program to prepare you for the fast paced and highly dynamic solar industry. In addition to understanding all the financial incentives and sales techniques, being technically competent in the application and installation of photovoltaic systems will make you a better sales professional. This certificate program will give you the confidence needed when talking with potential customers about this highly technical field. Solar UP Nigeria (SUN) Solar UP Nigeria (SUN) Initiative is established to promote the intervention of renewable energy in Nigeria especially solar. We work to help Nigerians understand the various applications of solar energy and its commercial value chain. We are doi

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